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Gallery 34


Gallery 34 staff photographers were recently given a private tour of the Porches Project on River Street overlooking MASS MoCA. The new multi-million dollar hotel project is taking shape and Bldg. #1 is expected to be open on June 1st!  For locals, it's rather hard to imagine that River Street has
become prime real estate, but indeed it HAS! Apparently all property from Houghton St. to Veazie Street that runs along the Hoosic River has already been gobbled up by those with the thickest 'rose colored' glasses.  This area is going to be HOT_HOT_HOT by mid-summer.   Watch this page for more
updates on what's happening 'along the river'.


The hand prints on the wall is artwork from the construction workers---
must be catching the 'bug' from MoCA!