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Gallery 34

1982 GS850L

1982 GS850L series approx. 12,000 original miles (I'd have to go down to the storage barn to check exact mileage) Color-Black, Grey & Maroon-Gallery 34's colors.   $1,500.00   It's a great motorcycle! A true 'work of art' that's why it's in the galleries. Why, even MoCA has one hanging from the wall (one of Gallery 34's Curators helped install it).   The Guggenheim recently put on a major exhibit in its' spiraling galleries--all beautiful motorcycles!  Thousands of people attended the opening but could only gawk; not sit, ride, or buy.  Gallery 34 offers this classic for sale. It is the personal property of the director, he's the 2nd owner--the 1st was the Police Chief from the Town of Adams, Massachusetts.  The motorcycle has never been crashed or dumped, and the last time Greylock Cycle 'fine tuned' the machine the mechanic said, "It's in beautiful condition!"  (ask them).   It'll take you anywhere with plenty of class & plenty of balls!  Reason for selling: time to move on, and Gallery 34 isn't the Guggenheim or MoCA  it's self funded.  Okay, Okay, the truth---"I really need the $$$$$!" If you want to try to beat me on the 1500 dollar price tag  or would like more information click on either picture of the bike.  Thanks!