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Gallery 34

Counter Contest

As Gallery 34 quickly approaches the  half-way  point [17,000 hits]  to our Summer Goal of 34,000 'hits', our Chief of Marketing said it's time for a cash give-away.  The Counter Contest will begin at 16,000 -you know the rules:

    counter is cloaked-the lucky winner is the person that guesses the
time and date that Gallery 34 will reach 17,000 hits.

So what do you get---well, not much remember the hat sales---not going too well--
[does this have anything to do with the economy?] .

Okay-the prize:
One beautiful Gallery 34 Hat.

A hand-printed Black and White photograph from the Blast
from the Past series framed and matted-see Steeples Page.

A $10  gift certificate to famous Jack's Hot Dog Stand on Eagle St.

A ten dollar gift certificate for the Tavern at the Captains Table.

A North Adams -T-Shirt designed by Al at Tunnel City Printing.

and cash....
17 two-dollar bills (for those that also have a Math problem-that's 34 Bucks).

That's it for now, but if more sponsors jump on the SS Gallery 34, then there will be even more great prizes.  Keep watching this page for updates and all kinds of interesting 'stuff'.

Please use the form below to submit your guess!

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