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Gallery 34

 The New Massive MoCA show @ Berkshire Technology Partners
 116 North S. Pittsfield...Al Bauman's new Headquarters

Artist's rendering of  Al Bauman's Cooper Center for Technology & Art @ 116 North Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts. (Before the City Saving's Bank sign was removed) 

 The show hangs in the newly created

The Conference Room is  now referred to as,
The James Bond Board Room.
A Great Gallery Space!

The new Conference Room @ the Cooper Center is also in need of art-sculpture, painting, photographs.  Any artist  interested in showing their work at the Wine & Cheese reception celebrating Al Bauman's new space combining Technology & Art may contact Gallery 34. This is a great space in a great place!

The sun sets on a day gone by.  Bits and peices of idle tools hint of labor
long since finished.  Vacant spaces dank and gloomy seem to reverberate with
empty echos of voices long silent.
.....Then the new day dawns, brightly scubbed and standing proud and
exhilirated in it's new found purpose.  Massive MoCA.
                                                              A Viewer's Statement


Al Bauman, President of Berkshire Technology Partners is pleased to announce
the opening of Chris Gillooly's Massive MoCA show as the inaugural exhibit
on display at the Cooper Center in downtown Pittsfield.  According to
Bauman, "Chris' photographs are an inspiration to us as we work to transform
this building into a center for art and technology.  The MoCA photos capture
the essence of making the old new again without erasing the scars of
history.  Chris' artistic vision is helping to shape our space and we look
forward to the exciting things he has planned for the future."