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Gallery 34

Whacky Item of the Month

Gallery 34 will ship this wooden foot (shoe last from Wallstreeter Shoe Co. North Adams) to anyone in the USA for the ridiculous price of $12.34 -includes shipping & handling. Gallery 34 Graphics Dept. will also include any
personalized message you would like on the 'foot'  ie: "Thanks for putting your best foot forward."    "We're with you every step of the way."   "One step @ a time."   "Put this where the sun don't shine!"  No profanity please.  They make a great joke gift to send to a friend or enemy for that matter. They're also nostologic & neat.  The shoe lasts can also be used as candle holders, paper weights, pen holders and shoe holders-duh.  Truly a million & one uses for the creative mind.  Why we even saw them being sold on the internet with personalized messages on them!  Send one to that 'special' person today!  While supplies last we'll send 4 for $34.00 to any one address. Click on the image for more info or to place an order.