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Gallery 34

Gallery 34 would like to offer this service to ex-North Adamsites:    If you would like to reminisce about an old neighborhood, or want to know what the old haunts look like today, 'e' us @ Gallery 34 and we'll try to furnish you with either an old or new (maybe both) photograph(s) of the requested area. They will then be posted  in our Street File for your future reference. Furthermore, if YOU possess scrapbook 'treasures' that YOU'D love to share with our viewing audience, please send them along!  You may also include any thoughts or memories you may have of your time here in Tunnel City.    The site curatorial staff  will take great care & pride in properly displaying your old black & whites  in one of the new galleries 'overlooking' the Hoosic.
 Click here for directions on submitting photos.

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