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Gallery 34  Cyberscope
Saturday,  March 24, 2001
North Adams, Massachusetts        Free

'Blast from the Past' Photographic Exhibit @ Steeples Restaurant
is also a Blast in the Present!

Ed Bassi, owner/operator of Steeples is flanked by Barbara & Eric Rudd.

RoseMary Hartlege chats with Lynn Taft @ the new bar.

Two Directors 'chum' it up.
Ed Bassi,owner/operator, said that at the climax of the event he looked into the
new dining room and saw almost 250 people!  The Wine & Cheese Reception was indeed a total success and brought together a wide range of supporters from Artists to Zoologists (see Gallery 34's ABCs).  Bassi also stated that  he'd
cater & sponsor a Gallery 34 event Anytime & Anyplace! 

Here are a few photographs of the 
'Party Peeple @ Steeples'.

Eric Rudd , CAC Director, studies a print of MohawkTrail (that name is still the same isn't it?) circa early 1900s.

The bar WAS the
hottest/coolest place in the room!
Dee & Paul Garnish of Williamstown said they 'loved the show'.

RoseMary Jette hangin' with the Criddle & Combs art team.

The Three Sisters enjoy the scene/seen.
Gallery 34 would like to take this opportunity to thank: Ed Bassi for his support & space, The team @ Steeples, Linda- JoAnne-Mark-Heidi-Paige-Kevin-Dana-Dave-Chris-Tony -to name a few. Tom Szczpaniak from Dalton-he makes hanging a major exhibit seem so simple--and fun too!- Gallery 34's nickname for him is Mr. Measure---and he does measure up to the job-yuk yuk.  Jackie Nelson for her professional matting & framing not to mention working with Crazy Chris & his now- now- now timeline!  John Haskins from Becks printing for also going the extra yard/mile for Crazy Chris & his now-now-now timeline.  Joe Lenitine for those last minute touches of 'green'. ALL those who supported the event by taking the time out of THEIR busy schedules in order to 'TOAST' a new restaurant & local artist.  And last but not least, Gallery 34 would like to thank 2 very special & tolerant behind the scene/seen supporters---Annette & Bonnie. The two guys 'playing music in the garage' (probably way too much & definetly way too loud)  want to say THANKS, we couldn't do it without you! 
  Muchas Gracias Amigos!
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