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Gallery 34

Latest Snow Storm
March 30
Staff Photographer Chris Gillooly fought a case of Cabin Fever yesterday with his camera, and by the looks of the following images, he won!  Natural Bridge is always beautiful but this sticky snow covering added yet another dimension to this already 'Zen-like' spot.  So for those of you that keep asking yourselves, "Why do I stay in the Berkshires?", bundle up the kids, pack a knapsack with sandwiches & 'refreshments', and head out to explore the Winter Wonderland that you'll find right on the other side of the cabin door. Enjoy!  Did that sound uplifting?  Lies-all lies, we @ Gallery 34 ARE SICK OF IT TOO!!!!!!!!!!
Sticky 'Stuff' clings to a clothesline on Natural Bridge Road.

The dogs still have to 'go' out.  For similar photos click on  MoCA Tour.
Ah, the beauty of winter & the storm----No People.

Sign of the Times. 
Snow-covered chasm-beautiful.

One can even hear the pines 'whining'.
Photographer's favorite of the day. THE Natural Bridge dusted by Nature.

Patterns in the Park!

Past storm!