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Gallery 34

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Notice-Gallery 34's New & Improved Web'dress' is:
For those of you who don't like change, the old address will still work fine.

Downtown Detail Contest???
We have a Winner!
Super Slueth/ Downtown Developer David Carver submitted the most correct answers for the Downtown Detail Contest--so in the near future he will join Gallery 34 Staff for lunch @ Jacks Hot Dog Stand on Eagle Street-our treat!  (like He needs a free lunch)   Anyway Congrats Dave & thank you all for your answers.   And , No Mike G. that wasn't a close up of contemporary art @ MoCA---that was a piece of torn paper on the front door of old Newberry's ----close but no cigar!     Watch this page for yet more corny contests!

Mystery Photo
We have a winner!
David Gilmore of Arizona correctly  identified the paddler as his "boy hood friend, Larry Jowett."
Congratulations David!
Your hat is on the way.

The picture was taken @ Windsor Lake.Caption Contest 
We have a winner!
"Ok, Ok, .... I'll take your sister to the prom!"
Thanks for submitting:
Gallery 34 would like to thank all who participated!

What's Next Tell us what you want--We're user friendly!!! A visiting foreign 'specialist' in the ways of Love & Relationships ( Dr. I.M. Devine from Denmark) has agreed to "listen" to viewers problems and answer their questions in a column for Gallery34. This service is provided free to viewers and may become a source of valuable information (if not definite entertainment) for us all.  Check back soon for more details!